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Happy customers make a happy business environment. To that effect, we work non-stop to keep our customers happy.


When we initiate a project, we insist on high quality results. In order to achieve this, we follow a set of tasks to ensure our website turn out to be perfect. Firstly, we understand your concept. This means we talk to our client and ask difficult questions while throwing out some of our ideas along the way. With the guidance of our client, we weave a story that will tell how users interact on the website. This stage also includes the creation of a site map and a set of user journeys in order to support the next part of the process.

User Experience

Depending on the scope of the project, we might expand on our learnings during the planning process. Once we gain clarity on how the site is going to work, we produce wireframes. In simple words, a wireframe is a layout of the pages on your website. They will show where things are going to be placed. However, at this stage, the layout will not be styled. It is just a solid framework that will help us design the final site. On a usual project, we create only 3 wireframes of the most important pages on the site. However, on larger sites


When it comes to design, we either hit the jackpot at the first go or we might play around with ideas in order to get things right. We believe providing multiple concepts dilutes ideas and hence we focus on what we feel is the right approach. We ensure the design scales down well with smaller screens including phones and tablets. Once a design is finalised, we get to work and get technical.


This is where we turn our designs into actual working websites. We also ensure that all bugs are dealt with rather than waiting for the project to complete. Additionally, we ensure the site detects the device it is being accessed from and adjusts itself accordingly. A little more technical information for the nerds - we code using PHP, MySQL, Javascript and HTML/CSS after which the end product is hosted on a Linux server.


We start off by understand the brand and their current and potential customer base. Once we have that figured out, we build on strategies that will appeal to your target audience and communicate to them using several social networking platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Additionally, we also engage with your target audience in order to create a connect between them and the brand.


All our websites are SEO enabled with the right keywords selected in order to attract the maximum audience. Additionally, we also advertise our clients using Google Adwords in order to have a larger reach. We are committed to portraying our clients in the most innovative ways possible.

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