Hi, we are Webmagiks —
digital creatives

Who we are

Founded in 2010 by Yash Malpani, Webmagiks reflects our founders’ love for neat designs and creative websites. Today we are a team of 10 who continuously work together to come up with innovative and efficient websites.

What we do

We design creative and simple websites that truly showcase our clients. We understand the importance of first impressions when it comes to attracting new clients. To that effect, we help our clients give memorable first impressions through their websites.

How we work

Our passion for design stretches beyond beautiful imagery. We help a brand communicate with their target audience in the most efficient and innovate way possible.


At Webmagiks we follow a step by step process to ensure your website grows into a beautiful design based on a solid foundation.

User Experience

We understand the importance of user experience when it comes to viewers revisiting and enjoying your website. To that effect, we ensure a user experience that makes an impact on your visitors.


With a passion for design, our hand-picked team ensures that every design is unique and simple. All our designs are appealing to the eye, and easy to use.


Using the best and latest technology, our codes bring your website to life across several platforms. Our high quality technology ensures stability to your website 24x7.


We help you communicate with your audience in a language they understand on platforms they spend all their time on. Social networking platforms we use for clients include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest.


With an SEO enabled website and Google Adwords advertising, we ensure our team increases your lead conversions and your presence online expands.

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